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Plumeria obtusa ´Singapore White` - Frangipani from 29,00 €
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Plumeria obtusa ´Singapore White` - Frangipani
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Shrub, ´Singapore White`, 3 l, 50/60 cm
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Plumeria obtusa ´Singapore White` - Frangipani
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Plumeria obtusa ´Singapore White` - Frangipani
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Plumeria obtusa ´Singapore White` - Frangipani
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Plumeria obtusa ´Singapore White` - Frangipani
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Plumeria obtusa ´Singapore White` - Frangipani
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Plumeria obtusa ´Singapore White` - Frangipani
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 Product description
Whoever has seen the blossom of the white variety ‘Singapore White’ (Plumeria obtusa) with its yellow center during a holiday in a tropical or subtropical country will never forget this sight and wish to decorate with it the own winter garden, terrace, balcony or south-exposed window. The immaculate flowers have such a tempting fragrance that they are still used for high quality perfumes. The petals are well-proportioned and of such a gloss that they look like made from china. The variety ‘Singapore White’ springs from the wild-growing Plumeria obtusa and is one of the worldwide most robust and most blossoming Plumerias. Even at lower temperatures and with only little light it will show many flowers and keep most of its leaves till winter. For that reason, it is the most popular and most in demand.

General information to Frangipani (Plumeria):
Each individual plant is abloom at a different time, making accurate predictions impossible. As far as our experience goes, the bloom in this country is during midsummer until late summer months. It is wrong to think that flowers will only appear above a branching. Also saplings with no branching can produce flowers. Instead, they are very likely to branch out after the bloom! Plumeria grow preferably in a loose soil with lava, expanded clay or coarse sand and are thankful for a regular shower of the leaves (high humidity). The care of the water-storing plants (sukkulent) differs depending upon season: In the summer the plants need constant water supply. Drought will cause the leaves to discolorate and fall down. Fertilize your Plumeria 3 to 4 x per month liquid fertiliser in half concentration added to the water. In the winter, when most of the leaves fall off, it is important to avoid wet soilwhich might cause the plant basis to rot. For this reason, water your Plumeria little and in large intervals - however not “not at all”.

punkt_gruen.gif Quality:noble & intensively fragrant flowers, easy to care
punkt_gruen.gif Use: starting from May outside on balcony & terrace, all year round in bright rooms; all year round in heated greenhouse

punkt_gruen.gif Family: Apocynaceae
punkt_gruen.gif Origin: Central-America, Carribean
punkt_gruen.gif Winter Hardiness Zone: 10-12
Minimum Temperature:
0 °C
Average Temp. in Winter: 20 (±5)°C

Flower: Spring to Summer, white-yellow, intensive fragrance
punkt_gruen.gif Fruit: Pods
punkt_gruen.gif Form/Growth: Succulent
punkt_gruen.gif Height: 0,5-3 m
punkt_gruen.gif Location: full sun

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